Explore a new world of security & group management with the Crimson bot.


Crimson is designed to be easier for users to interpret.
After adding the bot to your group, simply give the bot admin permissions, and send /config in the group you want to configure.

After sending the /config command in chat you will see the UI opens up in a private message with the bot.

The UI contains all the functions you need to configure your group properly:

– Delete Service messages
– Setting up a Welcome Message
– Blacklisting Words
– Block bots
– Setting up Filters and much more.


The Crimson Guard will protect your group from
Scammers,Brute force bot attacks,NSFW content,External links.

For Crypto Projects:
– CA Block with whitelist specific CA function.
– Pumpgroup bots block.
– Anti Raid

The Crimson Guard bot portal is based on Google Recaptcha,
Protected by Cloudflare and Using google analytics to determine if the user in an Alternative account of a user / Automated bot that tries to get in your group.

In addition to that the bot runs on a server with Closed-Network Database, Meaning you can only get access to it if you are connected to the Server itself.
The server Database and
 Content is backed up on daily basis.


Create your own Crimson Clone in the easiest Way Possible.

Simply create a bot through Botfather on TG,
Forward the API to the main Crimson bot (@CrimsonGuardbot)
And there you go ! You have your own clone that is running on our servers.

Why a Clone is better?

1. Anyone can set Crimson Bot meaning that every command/handler/filters from every group he exists in will go through him resulting in slower reaction time (milliseconds but still..)

2. Once you clone Crimson , the clone is now owned by you only meaning you are the only one who can add him to groups, configure him, unless you whitelist other users to be able to use him. meaning nobody can use your bot.

3. You can set-up Custom Portal with clones only!

4. It looks better. giving your security bot his own unique name is simply better.


Customize your group in every way possible.

In addition to the Welcome message customization and everything we detailed so far, you can even Customize your own Portal with your own picture/video, and your own caption.

You can even customize the Nightmode Enable and Disable message!
(but we will get there later in another topic)

You own a Crypto Project?

We offer Custom Pricebot services as well included in Crimson.

Test it now, and make your project look better with your own Crimson Clone.


With Crimson you can set-up automated tasks:

Nightmode is a scheduled task to lock/unlock the chat at destined hours as a security measure for hours mods/admins are not around.

Repeating messages:
Why put your timer on to remind you need to send a message to the group?
Just set up a repeating message schedule and the bot will do it for you.

And much more on Developments.