Maximum Security Bot With Every Utility You Need

The Crimson Guard tools and insights guarantee a smooth launch without bots, scammers, spammers. In addition to the amazing security layers and algos we provide to keep your group clean you can fully customize your group to your desires without any ads from our side.

The Crimson Guard Website is under construction and still missing information.

Crimson products

Deploy and Run a Better group with Our Products


Why choose Crimson?

24/7 Support

Our team is always here to help with anything you need assist with.

Unique Algorithms

The whole Crimson software code is original, including its security layers algorithms.

Constant updates

Crimson is getting updated daily, whether its regarding to servers, algos or new functions.


Our Ecosystem is planned to its smallest details and dates back to over a year ago.

– All-in-one TG bot (live) :
The Telegram bot is already live and got deployed in over 900 groups, the bot will have its own licensing system, escrow system, you will be able to hire services regarding bots and automations and much more, the TG bot has over 50 functions coded in it, Pure Original code, not open source.

-All-in-one Discord Bot:
You probably know Arcane bot, Mee6 and many other Discord bots, but with all the beautiful functions they have in it they are still missing some extra functions regarding the crypto space in general, our Discord and TG bot are able to bridge and connect both platforms , meaning you are able to manage both of your platforms at once, able to see messages from Discord > TG and TG > Discord, including a full sync of features you set up on your TG/Discord side to the other platform, ranking system, giveaways, filters and much more.

-Web application:
The Web app is the REAL utility of Crimson, but in order to achieve it we have to release the TG and Discord Bot, 
The Web application is our secret utility and we honestly aim to change the space for the good with it using Bigdata from socials & blockchain.

-Mobile app:
The Mobile app will help you manage all of your platforms and get important notifications and analysis of future community and project growth in one place.

-Forming Crimson LTD.

Out of all of those utilities , we will have various sources of income, 60% of the income will be re-invested into the $Crimson token, The rest will go to manage servers, Development and to the team.

Why Invest in Crimson?
True Burn Contract, Reflections, Buybacks/dividends to holders.
The revenue potential is enormous, and the Crimson Vision is to bring solution to everything the space needs.
Want to know more? Join our Telegram, we are always active.

Our latest Crimson Stats:

Unique users:  161707

Total clones: 422

Total Groups: 919

Total Msgs: 1683496

Tracked Socials: 297

Tracked Tokens: 110

Tracked NFT’s: 27

JDB scans: 144

Discord Bridge: 7

Rank systems: 72

Pumpgroups block: 164765


Crimson Token

In December 14,2022 we officially launched the Crimson Token.

Chain: ERC20
Type: True Burn Contract
Total supply: 2M
Tax: 5%/5%
Team tokens: None!

The Crimson Token is part of the whole Crimson Ecosystem we are building.

Meaning that with the token we will cover server expenses overtime but as a return for our investors 60% of all kinds of revenues the Crimson project gets (Private bot requests, Servers handle, Dapp, Licenses, External IT support to companies and so on) will be bought back into the token and will be burned.

Meaning that as the Crimson Project gets more exposure , the token holders will benefit more!6